Know what Feeds My Soul? Digging

img_2195Mama often barks to people about, “What feeds your soul?” In other words, what do they love to do? Know what feeds my soul? Digging holes. Mama doesn’t like me to brag, but I’m quite talented  in this area.

Hole digging is better than smelling dirty laundry! Try it sometime. Who knew, right? 😉 Trust me on this. I dug a hole in the yard halfway to Singapore. Come on over. We can fill it with water and swim!

I can dig up plants too. I know you’re jealous of my amazing talents. It’s ok though. I’m sure you have a passion besides wasting time online. Don’t ya?

Jasper, the cat, doesn’t understand the value of my skills. But ya really can’t trust a guy who loves to stare at bugs. Can ya?

Lemme tell ya, though. Do you think my parents appreciate my talent? They have no appreciation whatsoever.  What’s with that?

What feeds your soul? 🐶🐾😊









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