It’s Never My Fault 

The night of July 4th, our neighbors set off tons of fireworks. I hate those buggers!

Mama medicated me to calm my nerves.

I don’t sleep in my parents’ bedroom because they don’t like my staring at them.

I’m innocent. Always.

They don’t enjoy my licking their faces either. Can you believe their lack of gratitude?! I love washing their faces and feet.

I provide these services free. But I tell ya, I’m not appreciated.

At bedtime, though, on 4th of July, mama slept in the extra bedroom with me. Fun!

I kindly licked her face and feet with my long tongue. <Sigh.> Yet she disapproved.

After mama fell asleep, I stared  at her. Then while sniffing around the night stand, I hit the jackpot!

Her cool glasses from the Mothership (Costco) said, “Chew on me and you’ll feel more relaxed.”

Since I’m so obedient -okay, mama disagrees with this – but that’s her problem. I answered the call.

I chewed on the glasses a few times. Not much and only in the center of the right lens.

Instantly I felt less anxious! I think this is a miracle you humans could benefit from.

Just let your dog chew on the glasses through the night of July 4th, and she will relax.

I licked mama’s face one more time.


I finally fell asleep at 1:30 in the morning.

But guess what?

Once again, mama didn’t appreciate this brilliant stress reliever. People enjoy looking at flowers to relax. But chewing glasses rocks!

She said the glasses were less than a year old.

I can’t believe she doesn’t appreciate my brilliance!

Sheesh! The ingratitude! 🐶🐾



  1. She sure a good story teller. By the way Dolly thought my glasses were a great stress reliever too. This mama was not happy


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