Never Trust a Person with Clippers! 

I look like I fought with a paper shredder and lost. Don’t I? 

Mama loves the shaggy look, but asked the clipper lady to trim my hair. 

She said TRIM! 

She didn’t say SHAVE me bald! 

I’m cooler for summer, but don’t look as absolutely amazing like I used to. 



After  <Oh NOOOOOO!> 

I know this new doo will be cooler for summer, but <ahhhhemmmmm>

I was already such a cool person, I could hardly stand it! 🐶🐾 

What?! You think I’m a DOG? 

What’s wrong with you? 

If you believe I’m a dog, you’ve obviously got issues. Just say in’. 

I was kinda worried my boyfriend wouldn’t love me anymore. 

But mama said he loves me because of my super savvy personality. 

She said all women have a bad hair cut story. Must be a woman thing, right? 

But the final paws down truth is I simply exude with inner beauty. Can’t you tail? Or I mean “tell” not “tail.” 😉🐶🐾

Of course she’s right.  

Lemme tell ya: NEVER TRUST ANYONE WITH CLIPPERS! They’re worse than politicians. 

Gotta run. The cat keeps chasing me, which makes writing ruff – I mean rough. 

Please leave a bone or a comment about your bad hair cut story. I’d prefer a bone, but I know some people are cheap.

In that case, leave a comment. 

If you don’t, I might pee on your new flowers. 🐶🐾😉


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